The Dance Belt Tutorial

by David on October 12, 2009

Part 3 of the Men’s Dancewear Tutorials

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What is the Dance Belt?

The dance belt is one of the mysteries of men’s ballet.  It is extremely important, but it is hard to find information on what the heck it is.  If you are going to wear tights, you need to wear a dance belt.

The dance belt is worn under your tights.  You don’t wear underwear, you wear the dance belt, then the tights on top of that.  The dance belt serves two main purposes.  It serves as your support and stability for your “manhood”. You are going to be doing a lot of moving around, but there is one part of you that would do better staying still.  The dance belt is designed to do that.  The other purpose it serves, is to keep everything from being too visible.  The contours of muscles are often on display in ballet, but not in this area.  The dance belt will provide you with more of a bulge, than a discernible outline.

Buying the Dance Belt

Knowing that you need a dance belt is step 1.  Good job, you got one of the hardest parts over.  Now you have to actually get one.  They cost about $15 to $25.  If you have visited a dance store, and they seem to know a little bit about men’s stuff, you can check with them about a dance belt.  Dance belts are available online (see resources below).

Sizing is based on your waist size, nothing else.  Check the manufacturer’s charts before ordering.  You want to get a dance belt that is closest to your skin color.  They usually come in tan, black, and white.  White is probably not suitable for anyone.  Tan and black are closer to actual skin tones.  Loosely matching the color to your skin tone will keep them from being obvious.

Wearing the Dance Belt

The dance belt is a thong.  You’ll have to get over the shock.  If you want to be a ballet dancer, it is what you’ll have to get used to.  There are dance belts that are not thongs, full back dance belts, but they are usually for younger kids.  The dance belt has to be a thong in order to provide enough support, and to not have any panty-lines.

The first time you put it on, it will probably be uncomfortable.  Within about two-hours you’ll be used to it.  You get used to it, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to be shopping for man-thongs in the men’s department.

Taking Care of your Dance Belt

Your dance belt will get as sweaty as a jock strap.  Wash it after every use.  It is easy enough to wash them by hand, since you probably won’t be doing laundry that often.  Get into a habit of washing your dance belt as you prepare your shower will help you keep a clean one available.  You will most likely need to have 2 or more dance belts and keep them on rotation.  After you wash them, fold it up and squeeze out the water.  Hang it up to dry in your closet or somewhere out of the way.  It will take a day or two to dry, so keep in mind when you have your next class.  I have to wash one a couple days in advance, having two drying and one clean ready to go.

The dance belt is just a part of being a male ballet dancer.  You’ll get used to it.  It will help you move and dance just like tights do.

Dance Belt Resources

Ballet For Men Store

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1 Erik November 3, 2009 at 3:06 am

Thanks for another informative piece of writing on a “sensitive” subject! I found the link below some time ago and is also very informative:

“Dr. Dancebelt’s Guide – Everything you Need to Know about Dance Belts and More”


2 Jared February 20, 2010 at 12:57 pm

my dance belt seams are undoing, like i see bits of thread in random place coming out.

3 Lori June 17, 2010 at 1:07 pm

I wish someone had directed me to this website before! Being the Mom of a 13 yr old boy this would have been so very helpful, about the dance belt, tights and suspenders, and the unibutt thing!
Thanks for such an informative website!!!

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